Hemp First Aid Stick – 200 mg Hemp Oil – 2 oz


Hemp First Aid Stick is a topical hemp ointment you can apply directly to your skin. Directions for use: Apply liberally and massage into the area of discomfort. Reapply as needed. Discontinue if skin becomes irritated.

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A 2 oz First Aid Stick with an extra strength formula delivering a potent blend of botanicals used for centuries to treat scrapes, burns, and rashes. We slowly infuse organic arnica, burdock, yarrow, plantain, carrier oils and waxes with therapeutic plant compounds found in organic and wild harvested hemp, and calendula. Dr. Field’s First-Aid Stick leaves a slight oily sheen which helps the skin maintain moisture and suppleness while delivering a botanical powerhouse kick right where it is needed. Lightly scented with ylang ylang and lavender.