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Crafted with Care for Generations

As a leading herbal extract manufacturer in the USA, Dr. Field’s Botanicals takes pride in our business. We create effective, natural healing remedies that are crafted with care. We source each botanical used from fresh organic suppliers and our standard operating procedures ensure each finished product is manufactured to be the absolute best for you and your pets.


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Dedicated to Quality

Our family's passionate pursuit of natural healing remedies for common malaise continues to drive our company. We either grow it ourselves, or source each botanical used in our formulations from carefully selected fresh organic suppliers. Dr Field’s best-of-the-best team members, organic farming practices, state of the art manufacturing facilities, and standardized operating procedures ensure the quality and consistency of each finished product. We are grateful to be able to help so many and hopeful we can help you too! Learn more about why we're the best herbal extract manufacturers in the USA:

Crafted with Care for Generations

 In 1836, Dr. Drury S. Field purchased 12,000 acres in Mason County, IL and become the first medical practitioner and druggist in what was then a new frontier. Drury was a skillful alchemist and patients traveled from throughout the county seeking his natural remedies. Over one hundred eighty years later, Dr. Field’s Botanicals continues the family tradition, thoughtfully manufacturing natural healthcare products and botanical alternatives for commonly used pharmaceuticals. 

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Crafted with Care for Generations
In 2018, Dr Field’s Botanicals was honored to work with Western Illinois University and the Illinois Department of Agricultural successfully planting, on “Field’s Prairie”, Illinois’ first legal hemp crop in over 80-years. This honor was given to the current owner and decedent of Dr. Drury S. Field, Dave Theobald. Today, Dave has become one of the leading herbal extract manufacturers in the USA.
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A Family-Owned Business

What makes our business so special is family. We love working together to create incredibly beneficial products to those who need it most. Currently, Dave and Taylor help maintain the front of business operations here at Dr. Field's Botanicals. Learn a little bit more about our team / family below:

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